SkyJack SJ7127

The SJ 7127 combines solid and powerful design elements to meet the demands of the most challenging job site environments. With a working height of 33’ and a capacity of 1,500 lbs, the SJ 7127 features a standard 4.5’ roll out extension deck adds to the already generous platform size, giving a combined 75 square feet of platform space. Drivable at full height, and featuring 30% gradeability, the SJ 7127 comes equipped with Skyjack’s exclusive axle based 4WD system which features a “Detroit Locker” type rear differential and limited slip front differential for unmatched terrainability. Consistent with Skyjack’s robust and reliable design features, the SJ 7127 utilizes Skyjack’s standard color coded and numbered wiring system with analog based controls.
Product Capacity Height Gradeability
SJ7127 RT 1500 lbs (680kg) 27’(8.2m) 30%
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